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Air Pump Repair

Q - My 7 month old Rena Air 100 runs fine for a few minutes then begins to emit vibration noise. When I put my hand on the unit it get quieter. How do I fix this?

A - There are three moving parts that could be the source of extra noise; the diaphragm, valve block, and magnetic arm. In order to figure out what is causing this extra noise I recommend doing the following. First, remove the bottom of the pump as if you were going to repair the pump. Inspect the diaphragm, valve block and magnetic arm. These three parts are the only moving parts that can cause noise. On the valve block check to see if it is seated in the slot properly (ie. pushed down all the way into the slot). Make sure the diaphragm is attached evenly all the way around the valve block. Insure the magnetic arm is not hitting the sides of the case as it swings back and forth in the case. You can check this by turning the pump over with bottom off and plugging it in. Let it run like that for awhile and see if the noise starts up or the vibration gets louder. If after doing all of this you don't find an obvious source of the problem, try reattaching the bottom. It is critical that you press firmly on the bottom of the pump while inserting the screws; the noise suppression on Rena pumps relies on the base being firmly attached to the bottom of the unit. We recommend using something to stabilize the top of the pump as you insert the base screws (you can use a towel, etc.). If the above suggestions do not resolve the problem, I suggest sending it back to Mars FishCare North America for replacement under the warranty.

Q - My air pump is two years old and is not as powerful as before. What can I do to fix this?

A - It is time to replace the valve block and diaphragm. These parts come in a repair kit and the job can usually be accomplished in about 15 minutes.

Q - I need to order your rebuild kit for the Rena 300. I was informed that the parts I need are part 702D1.

A - You can order on line or call our office at 877-588-7362 to place your order using your MC,Visa,Amex or Discover card. We are here 9-5 Eastern time M-F.

Q - I need a magnetic arm for a Rena Air Pump model 300 . The part is not listed in your catalog. The pump is two years old. Thank you very much.

A - Order on line or call our office at 877-588-7362 to place your order. You can pay by major credit card or send a check in advance.

Q - I have 4- Rena 400 air pumps,they appear to have taken on water. The check valves seem to have failed. The pumps are not putting out enough air. Are the pumps ruined? Can they be repaired? They are a year and a half old,so I would imagine out of warranty. Tell me what parts to order and how much and I will fix.

A - As long as the coil has not been ruined by shorting out due to the water damage, you should be able to repair the pumps. You need to remove the bottoms of the pumps and inspect the magnetic arms, diaphragms and valve blocks for damage. These are the only parts worth replacing; cost per pump is about $30.00. If the magnetic arms look OK then just replace the valve blocks and diaphragms (part nos. AP6841 and AP6842). In order to prevent air leaks and loose pressure, be sure to press firmly when fastening the base back onto the top of the pump, creating a tight seal. You can buy online under our Parts Department. .

- I own a Rean Air 600 it is about 1.5 years old and I have never had any backups so the pump has been dry but it can't even make a bubble anymore what happened to it? It has been like this for probably 4-5 months i shut it off and just got a new cheaper one but i need to use this one cause i have set up a 60 gal tank and i hooked it up and i have shortened the air line and still nothing. I just took it apart no more then 20 mins ago and i checked everything and no water damage (just making sure) i plugged it in and everything works good but still almost no air coming out I have moved the knobs to full output and even toggled to make sure that they weren't to open so I closed them and slowly reopened them and still nothing So I want to know how to fix this problem and i don't want to go buy another new one since they r so expensive.

A - First, I’m not sure if you have a Rena air pump or not. We don’t make a model 600. Regardless, you need a Tune-Up Kit. These consist of a valve block and diaphragm. Either one or both may need replacing after a period of wear. Also, check to make sure your air filter is not clogged or dirty, as this can also be replaced. A less-likely culprit is bad magnetic arms, which can also be replaced if need be. All of these items are available through our online catalog in the Parts Department