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Filstar XP inlet/outlet accessories

Filstar XP inlet/outlet accessories

Filstar XP Parts List

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Item Number Description
841619-00 Flexible Tubing (x2) #1
841547-00 Old Outflow regulator #4
840135-00 Priming Funnel #9 or (P)
ACC840600 Suction cups(x4) Medium
ACC840608 XP/1 Rotor, shaft, bearing #20
ACC850601 XP/2 Rotor, shaft, bearing #21
ACC860601 XP/3 Rotor, shaft, bearing #22
841543-00 Quick-Disconnect with O-Rings #23
841550-00 XP1 Motor & O-Rings #24
851505-00 XP2 Motor & O-Rings #25
861505-00 XP3 Motor & O-Rings #26
841556-00 Qick-Disconnect O-Rings (x2)#27
840327-00 Canister O-Ring #28
841632-00 Impeller Cover Seal/O-Ring #29
440308-00 Shaft bearing #30 for XP Filters and 35
431005-00 Replacement Shaft XP Filter and 350/450/850/1250
841554-00 Impeller cover #32
840106-02 Basket lid #33
840107-00 Basket separation grid #34
840108-00 Basket #35
841555-00 Canister clip & hinge #36
840101-00 Rubber foot #37
841542-01 XP1 Canister W/ clips & feet #36,37,38
851500-02 XP2 Canister W/ clips & feet #36,37,39
861500-02 XP3 Canister W/ clips & feet #36,37,40
840127-00 Outlet Pipe (A)
841559-00 Outlet Extension Tall (B)
841560-00 Outlet Extension Short (C)
841547-01 Outflow Regulator (D)
841561-00 Spraybar (E)
841562-00 Inlet Pipe (F)
980712-00 Inlet Pipe Cap (G) or (#11)
841563-00 Inlet Pipe Extension (4pk) (H)
840112-01 Inlet Strainer (I)
840132-00 Power Jet Nozzle (J)
981617-00 Suction Cups (4pk) (K)
840138-00 Suction Cup Clamps (4pk) (L)
981903-00 Flexible Tubing Clamps (2pk) (M)
841564-00 Set of Inlet and Outlet Accessories & Tray
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Dont's see your parts?

If your filter was manufactured before October 1993 you have version 1 of the replacement parts. These parts came packed in two separate plastic bags and the inlet and outlet accessories were all one color. These parts are no longer made and we have no more parts in stock.

New parts can be identified by these differences. First, parts are now color-coded, inlet parts (from aquarium into filter) are light gray. Outlet parts (from filter into aquarium) are dark gray.

Secondly, the newer parts are packed in an accessory tray and there are fewer parts overall. So in many cases there are no exact parts matches between the old and new system.

Finally, the new inlet/outlet system has click-connect brackets that lock pieces together preventing leaks. If you need to replace more than three or four parts in the old system it is usually more practical to upgrade the entire accessory pack to the new system.

Parts Equivalents Old vs New

Old Part New Parts
Elbows Upgrade to the new inlet/outlet pipes
Spraybar pieces Upgrade to the one-piece spraybar
Suction Cups Upgrade to larger suction cups/clips

All other parts can be used on either system but if you have old parts the "click-connect" feature will not be used to attach old parts to the new system.