Rena Filters - How They Work

Filstar Rena - How They Work

Rena Filters Rena Filters are unique among all external aquarium filters on the market today. Like the smaller Rena XP1 model and Rena XP2 model the Rena XP3 zero bypass, up-flow filter system insures that all water passes through the filter media.

Freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums and saltwater reef aquariums all benefit by this system of filtration. Coupled with the wide variety of filter media available the Rena XP Filstar filter range can be customized to work with all aquariums.

Another unique feature of this filter is the Quick Disconnect intake/discharge system which eliminates the need to re-prime after cleaning. This is accomplished by a special valve system in the Quick Disconnect. Lifting the handle on the Quick Disconnect closes the valves and traps the water in your intake and discharge tubes leading to the Aquarium.

After cleaning, just insert the Quick Disconnect into the top of the Rena Filstar filter, push down on the handle to open the valves and the filter will fill the canister with water from the aquarium. Once the canister is filled, start the motor and your system will restart without priming. It doesn't get any easier than this!

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