XP2 won't prime

by Amanda

I've had a Rena xp2 for about a month now, my boyfriend and I got it hooked up successfully and its been running great until the other day. I came out to a strange grinding noise in the morning, the intake valve had been unattached by my aquatic turtle. So from this I know that it ran dry at least a couple hours. I took apart the filter and cleaned everything, reattached it. Set it up. It would not prime, no water comes in through the intake valve. I've read a lot online that said the problem after the system runs dry is usually that the rotor/impeller fried. I checked the top part, the motor still runs, the impeller still rotates, so I don't believe this is the problem. We checked and made sure all the tubes were airtight. We did pretty much everything we could think of for the last couple hours. We got a little bit of water to come through after pouring some into the funnel, but it wouldn't all come through. I'm thinking now that it might be a problem with the quick disconnect? I see replacement parts available online, but I'd like to be sure this is the problem before I order anything and if there is anything else I could try. I tried calling tech support twice in the last couple days, but so far have not received any call back from my voicemail. Any help with my filter problem is appreciated, thanks.

A: When a filter does not prime it is because it can't create a strong enough vacuum during startup to pull the water from the aquarium and into the filter. This has to be strong enough to create enough momentum to push the water up into the pumping chamber.

To fix this you must make sure you are following all the directions in the manual and I also urge you to see the video at the manufacturer's web site.


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